What's hot
  • Hyper-functional Beverages

    Drinks may provide a whole lot more health benefits than basic hydration in the future; the latest predicted trend in beverages is non-alcoholic tonics that are so healthy they are practically medicinal.  see more

  • Plant-based proteins for better health

    Often when we think of protein sources, we typically think of meat, eggs, fish, poultry and dairy products. However, there are many plant-based foods that are also rich in protein.  see more

  • Aloe Vera.

    Is aloe vera a super food?

    Commonly used as an ingredient in topical skincare products for its soothing, moisturising qualities, aloe vera juice has recently been gaining popularity as a drink for its ability to nourish the body from the inside as well.  see more

  • Foods to boost your post-workout recovery

    We often hear about the foods we should be eating throughout the day to keep us healthy, but did you know that having quality food straight after a gym workout is particularly important?  see more

  • How honey can rejuvenate your skin

    Used for thousands of years across a range of cultures as a natural skincare and healing solution, an increasing number of modern beauty brands have been incorporating honey into their products.  see more

  • The low-down on fermented foods

    One of the latest food trends on the rise that's being heralded by wellness experts is all about upping your intake of fermented foods.   see more

  • Kombucha tea

    Virtually unheard of in Kiwi households until recently, kombucha tea is gaining popularity as the new trendy go-to drink to improve your health. We take a look at why kombucha could be good to include in your diet.  see more

  • New World's tips for entertaining this summer

    Entertaining never looked so effortless! Read these handy hints and tips for ways to seriously impress your guests this summer.  see more

  • Summer skin and hair care

    Summer is a great for days at the beach, swimming and barbecues. But the sun and heat can wreak havoc on skin and hair. We've put together some tips to beat the heat and keep your skin and hair healthy in the summer months.  see more

  • Good gut foods: the new "happy pills"

    Many of us experience digestive irritation, did you know science has proven that specific foods can actually help boost our moods and ease digestion?  see more