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Try award-winning lagers with these tasty recipes

A lager and a curry? Well if there was a hand-in-glove beer-food match this is it…but wait, just a moment, because the lagers in our line-up are more like cousins than siblings and not all will work the same way with food. Sure, the clean and snappy McLeod’s Longboarder Lager will be ideal with your butter chicken or lamb rogan josh. But Zeelandt’s Black Monk, a dark lager with chocolate notes, lends itself more to sausages or steak. Boneface Outlaw is what’s known as IPL – India Pale Lager – it’s got some heft, a generous dose of hops and a super-dry finish. With that extra bit of oomph, it and goes well with curry but the hops prefer the sharper spices of Thai-style rather than Indian. If your preference is for Heineken Light, then no worries there, it’s your ultimate pre-dinner cheese and crackers beer.