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Boneface Brewing Outlaw IPL



Brewed In

Upper Hutt

What to expect:

Melds IPA hoppiness with lager crispness

Judges Comments:

An IPL you ask? India Pale Lager – a kind of neologism to represent the mash-up of styles going on here. On one hand it has the bold, bright hoppiness of an IPA but on the other, it’s got that lean, dry, clean body and finish of a lager. A good description might be ‘super hoppy lager’. For certain, Outlaw is a great name for a beer that lives outside the well-marshalled perimeter of the beer style guide. Tropical fruit hoppiness dominates the aroma, the palate is rich and sumptuous, but it finishes dry and clean. “Yum,” wrote one of the judges, “not very lager-like but great hop expression.”

Pairing Recommendation:

Light-bodied but robustly hopped lager loves spicy and creamy curries. It has enough thirst-quenching qualities to battle the heat and enough hops to hold up to the spice. Go Thai red chicken curry.