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6570 8 Wired Wild Feijoa

8 Wired Wild Feijoa



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What to expect:

Feijoa festival for the senses

Judges Comments:

This is possibly the best vintage ever of this absolute New Zealand classic from Warkworth-based 8 Wired – the masters of the long and complex art of barrel-aging beer. This one has taken two years to make. First, they brew a beer which is fermented by “wild” yeasts in the Belgian Lambic-style. Around 1,000kg of feijoas are then cut in half and pushed through the bungholes of the barrels, skins and all. A year later, the beer is taken off the fruit, the barrels are blended and the beer is bottled. Every “vintage” is different in flavour and alcohol strength. But what unifies the vintages is an unadulterated feijoa festival of the senses. While quite tart this is also creamy smooth and so-well integrated – it’s the pinnacle of the artform.


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Pairing Recommendation:

A powerful beer that can handle more than the boldest wine. Look for richer foods to contrast the bright acidity, anything from soft cheese, to pork belly, to crème brûlée.