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Modern Christmas menu

Bring something a little different to the table with our modern Christmas menu. Our tasty dishes are sure to surprise and delight your guests – and they’re all incredibly easy to make.


  1. Start the day with our Watermelon & haloumi with balsamic dressing – a simple salad that perfectly blends the salty and sweet. This can be served on a platter to share or as individual portions.
  2. Then there’s the Cottage cheese & asparagus tart, a light and fresh meat-free option that’s as easy to make as it is delicious. This is perfect for brunch or lunch, and the puff pastry and cottage cheese makes it an ideal simple starter.
  3. Our free-form Caprese salad with creamy mozzarella looks gorgeous on the plate, and takes only 10 minutes to prepare. It is ideal for a summer lunch and a great way to feed a crowd.
  4. Kiwis love their lamb, and our Leg of lamb with cranberry mint glaze is guaranteed to be a winner with the whole family. Make sure you give the lamb enough time to rest before serving, it will make even more tender.
  5. When it comes to dessert, our Black Forest ice cream cake is packed with the rich flavours of chocolate and cherries, and is the ultimate choice for a hot summer’s day. But if you’d prefer to serve individual treats, our White chocolate mousse with berries is dreamily decadent.
  6. And of course you need something to wash down your meal, and our Christmas Drinks – including a Pineapple sunrise and passionfruit lemonade – are just the thing to quench your thirst.

Decorating tip:

A modern meal calls for modern plating. Forego the classic colour palette of Christmas and look to bold patterned tablecloths in bright, unexpected shades. Layer this with monochromatic tableware and gold cutlery for a touch of sophistication.