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Carrots – Kāroti  

Although available all year-round carrots are at their best during the cooler months. 

Taste the season of deliciously crunchy carrots

Mainly grown in Ohakune, Canterbury, Pukekohe and Southland, our carrots are plucked from the soil when they’re perfectly sweet and delivered fresh daily to your local New World. The unique rich soil and chilly temperatures in regions like Southland and Ohakune make for deliciously sweet carrots. 

Meet our growers

From the famed growing region of Ohakune meet humble Mother and Son duo Sue and Ricky Deadman from Snokist Carrots. A family of local growers, Sue started the business with her husband Garry and their parents 35 years ago. With Ricky being a fifth-generation grower, it was only natural for him to get on board and join the family business, and rumour has it his kids fancy themselves as growers too. For the past 20 years the team at Snokist Carrots continue to deliver only the best of the bunch to our stores. 

How to store and more

Whether the carrot you picked at the store is a little wonky, or a tad short, don’t worry we guarantee they’ll still be sweet as. When storing your carrots make sure you put them in the fridge, the cool temperature will ensure that they stay fresher for longer. And to answer the question that’s on your mind, will carrots help me see better? Well yes, they just might. Carrots are packed full of vitamin A which can help with vision.