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Strawberry season is in full swing! 

Nothing says summer quite like fresh local strawberries. Grown mainly in the warmth of Auckland, Waikato and upper Palmerston North – our plump red strawberries are handpicked when they’re perfectly ripe and delivered fresh daily to your local New World. For the best of New Zealand produce, buy in-season – and you’ll enjoy beautifully sweet strawberries for a deliciously good price. 

Meet our growers 

This is Todd, he’s the Farm Manager for one our growers of Driscolls™ berries. Based in the sunny Hawkes Bay, Driscolls™ berries are grown by Berry Farms NZ, a team of dedicated local growers with a long New Zealand History. Driscolls™ strawberries are grown in a covered environment, like long tunnels – a new generation farming technique that ensures big, juicy and sweet berries, and for a longer season! 

Hand-picked fresh every day 

Our growers know their strawberries are ripe for the picking by how long they’ve been on the plant and by taste-testing! Handpicked berry by berry, they’re placed into a cool-store to remove the heat of the orchard, and transported the very next day to New World stores for optimum freshness. They’re the perfect topping for your pav this Christmas.