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Taste the season of summer with sumptuous stone fruit 

Summer is here and so is our perfectly ripe stone fruit! Our beautifully blush nectarines, cherries, peaches and apricots are mainly grown in the sunny Hawkes Bay and Central Otago and are hand-picked and delivered fresh daily to your local New World. For the best of New Zealand produce, buy in-season – and you’ll enjoy juicy tender stone fruit for a deliciously good price. 

Meet our growers 

Meet father and son Harry and Harry Junior from Alexandra, they grow summer fruit for New World like nectarines, apricots and cherries. Harry Snr is a born and bred summer fruit grower and his parents before him. He has been growing stone fruit in Alexandra his entire life – that makes Harry Junior a third-generation grower! 

Sweet as corn cobs 

The warmer months are here and so is our deliciously fresh sweetcorn. Our cobs of tender kernels are mainly grown in the warmth of Houhora, Hawkes Bay, Gisborne and Kaitaia. When buying sweetcorn look for blemish-free, firm husks with fully developed ears – a sign of freshness! 

Summer is here and so is our deliciously golden sweetcorn and crunchy green beans.

Meet our growers 

Meet dad and daughter duo, Kevin and Alice from Bayley Produce in the Hawkes Bay – they grow beans and sweetcorn for New World. Our growers know it’s time to harvest their tender green beans when they reach just the right length and colour and they pick their sweetcorn when the tassels on top of each corn cob dries up and turns brown. 

Hand-picked one by one 

The perfect summer side dish, our bright green beans are locally grown in the Hawkes Bay where they flourish in the summer sun. Our sweet tender green beans are hand-picked pod by pod and delivered fresh daily to your local New World.